As well as our standard products, Fish&Tech has the technical capacity of developing a specific product for every need. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries about products or processes.

Moisture retainers

Fish&Tech Laboratory have ample experience in the formulation of Moisture Retainers... > See more


During handling and preservation, the fish and cephalopods may undergo oxidation... > See more


Fish&Tech preservatives prevent the loss of freshness that fish undergo during their conservation... > See more

Black spot inhibitors

Fish&Tech antimelanosis agents are the best way to keep crustaceans looking freshly... > See more


Fish&Tech glazes act by forming a protective layer over the fish, cephalopod or seafood... > See more

Peeling enzymes

Fish&Tech peeling agents are of vegetable origin and are ideal for the optimization... > See more


Fish&Tech is a specialist in the formulation of binding agents used in the fish industry... > See more

Other products

Flours and crunchy, light, pre-prepared mixes and bases which combine traditional... > See more