Fish&Tech exhibit at the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo
From 6th to 8th November, Fish&Tech have been presenting its products at China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Dalian. > See more

Fish&Tech take part in Seafood Barcelona
From 15th to 17th October at Fira Barcelona - Gran Via > See more


Fish&Tech Laboratory have ample experience in the formulation of Moisture Retainers and Tenderizers with phosphates and without phosphates. These products act on the myofibrillar proteins of the fish, increasing their capacity of water retention while also inhibiting the deterioration process of these fibres. > See more

During handling and preservation, the fish and cephalopods may undergo oxidation processes causing the loss of their natural colour, and although they are still fresh and retain their nutritive value, they enter an accelerated deterioration process. Our whiteners help recover the initial whiteness and prevent colour change. > See more

Fish&Tech preservatives prevent the loss of freshness that fish undergo during their conservation in freezers. They keep the fish looking fresh and just caught. > See more

Fish&Tech antimelanosis agents are the best way to keep crustaceans looking freshly caught. They prevent the blackening of the cephalothorax and the unsightly patches produced in this process, by acting on the different stages of melanosis, with no change whatsoever in the flavour of the crustacean. > See more

Fish&Tech glazes act by forming a protective layer over the fish, cephalopod or seafood thus preventing the deterioration caused by dehydration during the freezing process. It gives elasticity to the frozen glaze and prevents ice breakage. It protects the fish from possible burns and superficial drying produced by the cold. They give the fish a shiny, attractive appearance. > See more

Fish&Tech peeling agents are of vegetable origin and are ideal for the optimization of the peeling process of the cephalopods as they act on the most inaccessible parts of the animal and also on the smaller pieces which cannot be peeled with a peeler. > See more

Fish&Tech is a specialist in the formulation of binding agents used in the fish industry. These products are essential in giving body to the off cuts produced during the filleting and cutting processes and are also necessary when forming the new pieces with different shapes and properties. > See more

Flours and crunchy, light, pre-prepared mixes and bases which combine traditional recipes and the know-how of our laboratories. We have tempuras and batters for coating and frying, binding agents for bread crumbs and an extensive range of bread crumbs available in different colours and crumb size. We also have flavourings, colourings, stocks and sauces; from the most basic to the most sophisticated. > See more

Tailor made solutions

Our R+D department is equipped to develop new products and find the right solutions to the needs of each client.